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Life. What a gift. So worthy of celebration. Incomplete, however, without relationships. Yes, familiar faces are a sense of home when life turns unknown corners. But new faces, passions and relationships can be the best new corners to turn around. You can say that I am curious about people. That is an understatement. I have a knack for drawing people out. I guess I do like to see what lies behind facades. Real personalities and quirky qualities are my favorite things to celebrate. Will you let me celebrate your life?

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Woodland Hills Photographer: Brian and Melissa's 6 Month Anniversary

Where do I even begin? There are so many things that I could say about these two! I met Melissa a few years back when she came hiking with our singles’ group. I will never forget her and her best friend Katie, because they were so engaging! They sure did not act like the new girls, with the way that they introduced themselves and talked so openly about what God had been doing in their lives. Come to find out, they were leaders at a young adults’ ministry at a nearby church! That did not surprise me one bit.

Although I do not get to see Melissa very often, she continues to be an encouragement to me each time we are able to spend time together. God led both of us into unexpected relationships right around the same time, so we were delighted to swap stories. We had been wanting to go out on a double-date for awhile, but our schedules did not allow it. When she asked if I could do a photo shoot for her and Brian’s six month anniversary, I could not stop smiling. I dreamed up so many fun shots I could take of this fun-loving couple. To top it all off, the night before this session, I mentioned to Daniel that I wished he could join us. He stayed up late to finish work and surprised me when he came. I shouldn’t have been surprised that Daniel would make things so much more fun. He kept all three of us constantly laughing. He used my second camera and the four of us had a blast. Brian and Melissa, you two are wonderful. We had such a great time and we can not wait to hang out again soon =)

One of the many reasons I love my boyfriend, Daniel, is that he makes me laugh. I was so focused on getting some good shots, that it took awhile to notice him looking at me with grass in his teeth. 

 Little did I know that Daniel was climbing a tree while I was taking the photo above. Melissa, Brian and I started cracking up about his stellar paparazzi skills ;)
 I'm pretty sure Daniel wanted to get back at me for this one!

Brian asked Melissa out on a paper kinda like this! So cute =)

So, in the middle of this amazing moment, Melissa mentioned that all they needed now was music. Little did we know that Daniel was taking out the guitar in order to make her dreams come true! If I remember correctly, he started singing, "Can you Feel the Love Tonight?" and we were cracking up once again! =)

Melissa, your eyes are Uh------mazing!!!

Gasp! So beautiful inside and out. 

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